Madeleine L'Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time
By John Glore  

Audition Notice 

Directed by Toni Ruscio

Audition Dates:
Monday, June 19 @ 7 PM
Tuesday, June 20 @ 7 PM
Possible Callback Date Wednesday, June 21 @ 7 PM

Performance Dates: 
Friday, September 22 @ 7:30PM
Saturday, September 23 @ 7:30PM S
Sunday, September 24 @ 2:00PM
Friday, September 29 @ 7:30PM
Saturday, September 30 @ 7:30PM
Sunday, October 1 @ 2:00PM 

Auditions will be cold readings from the script.

In addition to cold readings from the script, actors may be asked to read these monologues. Monologues do not need to be memorized for auditions. 

Meg   Charles Wallace   Mrs. Who
Mother   Aunt Beast   Mrs. Which
Calvin   Man with Red Eyes   Mrs. Whatsit


Please bring:
A Photo/Headshot
A calendar to note ALL your conflicts on the audition form 

Register to audition on either Monday night or Tuesday night by emailing

Character Descriptions:
Meg: Meg is the headstrong adolescent daughter of scientist parents. She is dealing with the disappearance of her father, and her inability to fit in amongst her classmates and her family. She is brilliant but awkward. Must present on stage as a 14-year-old. Teens and adults are welcome to audition for this role. Actor cast will be the same age as the actor cast as Calvin.
Charles Wallace: The youngest of the Murry children, Charles Wallace didn't speak until he was four, at which time he began speaking in full sentences. He usually speaks only to his family. Extraordinarily gifted. Can read the thoughts and feelings of others. Kids and adults are welcome to audition for this role. Actor cast must appear younger than the actors cast as Meg and Calvin.
Mrs. Who (May also play Mrs. Murry and Aunt Beast): One of the three Mrs. W's. Mrs. Who is a magical being who helps Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin in their travels.
Mother, Camazotz Woman, Aunt Beast, Ensemble* (May also play Mrs. Who or this role may be divided up amongst several actors):
- Mother: Meg's mother is an experimental biologist who works out of a lab in the Murry home. She is at once a brilliant scientist and a loving mother who cooks meals for her family on her Bunsen burner. She also writes loving letters to her absent husband every night.
- Camazotz Woman: Lives on Camazotz and is controlled by the power of IT.
- Aunt Beast: An unusual creature with a gentle disposition.
Mrs. Whatsit* (May also play The Man with Red Eyes): The youngest of the three Mrs. W's, although she is over 2 billion years old. She transforms at one point into a centaur-like being.
- Man with Red Eyes, Ensemble* (May also play Mrs. Whatsit): Man with Red Eyes is a robot-like inhabitant of Camazotz who tries to hypnotize Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin in the CENTRAL Central Intelligence building. The Man, like all of Camazotz, is totally controlled by the power of IT.
Calvin, Ensemble: A schoolmate of Meg. Though they are the same age, he is two years ahead of her in school. Calvin is a popular, brash athlete; but this is a cover for his intelligence. His family life is not good, and he easily assimilates into the Murry family. He can somewhat communicate telepathically. Teens and adults are welcome to audition for this role. Actor cast will be the same age as the actor cast as Meg.
Mrs. Which* (May also play Father, Camazotz Man, and a member of the Ensemble): The leader of the three Mrs.W's. She is authoritative and powerful. Which is described in the play as a “twinkle light”, but we may make modifications to that description.
Father, Camazotz Man, Ensemble* (May also play Mrs. Which):
- Camazotz Man: lives on Camazotz and is controlled by the power of IT.
- Father: Meg's father is a physicist who works for a top-secret government agency experimenting with travel through space-time in the fifth dimension. 

*Adults only are welcome to audition for these roles.